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Why you need engagement photos

As a couple preparing for your wedding, you may be wondering if engagement photos are really necessary. After all, you already have plenty of selfies and candids on your phones, right? However, having professional engagement photos taken can actually provide a number of benefits that you may not have considered. Here are just a few reasons why you need engagement photos:

1. Get comfortable in front of the camera

For many people, having their photo taken can be nerve-wracking. But by scheduling an engagement photo session with your wedding photographer, you’ll have a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera and practice posing and smiling. This can help you feel more relaxed and confident on your wedding day, which will show in your photos.

2. Showcase your personalities and style

Engagement photos are a great way to showcase your personalities and style as a couple. Whether you prefer a classic, romantic look or something more quirky and fun, your photographer can work with you to capture images that reflect who you are as a couple. These photos can be used in your save-the-dates, wedding website, or even as decor at your reception.

3. Create lasting memories

Your engagement is a special time in your relationship that deserves to be captured and remembered. By having professional photos taken, you’ll have a tangible reminder of this exciting time in your lives that you can look back on for years to come. Plus, engagement photos are a great way to decorate your home and serve as a daily reminder of your love for each other.

4. Build a relationship with your photographer

Your wedding photographer will be spending a lot of time with you on your big day, so it’s important to choose someone you feel comfortable with and trust to capture your memories. By scheduling an engagement photo session, you’ll have a chance to build a relationship with your photographer and get a sense of their style and personality. This can help ensure that you’re on the same page on your wedding day and that you get the photos you want.

In conclusion, while engagement photos may not seem like a top priority when planning your wedding, they can actually provide a number of benefits that you won’t want to miss out on. From getting comfortable in front of the camera to creating lasting memories, engagement photos are a worthwhile investment that you’ll be glad you made. So don’t hesitate to schedule a session with your wedding photographer and start capturing your love story today!

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