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The BenQ SW2700PT

As a photographer there are so many different options when it comes to choosing a monitor for your editing. It is often overlooked by many photographers, they are willing to spend thousands on camera bodies, lenses etc…only to opt for a cheap monitor that isn’t very colour accurate, bright or sharp.

On the whole the build quality of this monitor is good, they look and feel solid and the shading hood is a nice touch if you have any light spilling into your workspace. There are different buttons on the bottom of the display which will help you to easily navigate around the system, on the back of the monitor you will find most of your port connections. I love the fact that there is an SD card reader on the left side of the monitor. There is also a mount on the back where it can be attached to a wall if necessary too.

When it comes to the display, as a photographer there are a few key things that you look out for. Resolution, colour accuracy and colour range are the main ones that come to mind. The BenQ SW2700PT does not disappoint.

The BenQ SW2700 has a fantastic sRGB colour range, a much wider range than standard monitors. The resolution is important with a monitor this size. Text and images need to look sharp and crisp. The SW2700PT gives you a QHD display giving you a much higher resolution of 2560 x 1440 against the usual 1080p resolutions offered on HD. This results in a much sharper display and the fine details from your images appear to pop off the screen.

I don’t know of any photographers who would want to edit on a screen where the colours are not accurate. Fortunately, I found the SW2700PT to be accurately correct with their colours. Another pretty cool feature is the OSD controller which will let you switch between different colour spaces.

Overall, I came away happy with this product, great size, sharp display and I love the OSD controller!

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