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Should I have a maternity photo session?

There are few subjects as beautiful as maternity photos of an expecting Mum. During my first pregnancy I was very conscious of my changing body, I took photographs of my bump every 4 weeks to document but there was no way I was going to let anyone else near me with a camera! Fast forward 11 years and one more child later I really regret not getting any photographs of my first pregnancy with my beautiful first born daughter.

Pregnancy is a thing of beauty and you’ll most likely only be pregnant a few times in your life (depending on how many you wish to have that is!) So why not record these moments with some photographs? I am sometimes asked “What will I do with them? I am not going to print them and put them around the house” WHY NOT?! I’m not saying you have to print them 5ft squared and have it in your hallway but why can’t you print some standard sized and frame? If not, just make an album, it would make a great keepsake to show your children when they are older. Not just that, photographs trigger memories, feelings and emotions….even if you had an awful pregnancy you’d sooner forget, I can assure you that when your children are older they will LOVE seeing photographs of their pregnant Mummy whilst they were growing inside you.

Remember….once it’s gone…it’s gone! They will be starting school……having families of their own….. and your pregnancy will be a distant memory, I don’t know anyone regretting having a maternity photo session but I for one am someone who regrets not having one.

Leah and Nick are expecting their second child any day now, we did an at home photoshoot. It was such a great opportunity to get Noah involved too, he is going to make the best older brother! Can’t wait to meet your little lady Leah! xx

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