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Ideas for unique wedding favours

Wedding favours are a great way to thank your guests for being a part of your special day. While traditional favours like sugared almonds (which I LOVE btw), candles, and personalised items are always appreciated, unique wedding favours can add a memorable touch to your wedding.

Succulent plants are a unique and eco-friendly wedding favour that can be used as a decoration and a keepsake. You can place them in small pots or glass jars and personalise them with a thank you tag. Packets of seeds have also become popular, I once attended a wedding with favours of seeds for flowers that will attract bees πŸ™‚

Personalised wine glasses with the guests’ names or initials are a unique and functional wedding favour that can be used during the wedding and taken home as a keepsake, same goes for mini champagne bottles or miniatures.

Homemade jams and preserves are a delicious and thoughtful wedding favour that your guests will appreciate. You can personalise the jars with a thank you tag or label, this is my favourite because I love making, packaging and eating my own jam!

Handmade soap in unique shapes and scents, wax melts, customised tea or coffee bags with the guests’ names or initials is also a unique and practical wedding favour along with personalised tote bags. Also becoming increasingly popular is donating to a charity on behalf of your wedding guests.

There are many unique wedding favour ideas that can add a personalised and memorable touch to your wedding. Choose a favour that reflects your style and personality and shows your appreciation for your guests.

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