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How to take better Instagram photographs

Instagram is an amazing opportunity get your brand out there with over 150 million active users. When it comes to filling your feed you need to remember a few key points.

Find natural light.

First and foremost you should always look for natural light. You want to always take the best photograph that you can and natural light will give you a head start. `you can then always tweak and edit within the Instagram App.

Plan your feed.

When visitors see your Instagram page you want to make sure it looks consistent, it is better to stick to a similar colour theme or layout. You can use apps such as Planoly to help rearrange and plan out your feed.

Be picky with the content you post.

It is better to wait for good content and to make sure it is fabulous rather than posting images for the sake of it. Making good use of your stories works well in this case and will keep the consistency to your feed.

Stick to a theme.

Again, consistency is key so make sure your feed represents your brand and you don’t go off on a tangent, it is good to show your personality, I believe this helps with your business brand.

How to take better Instagram photographs
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