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Just the two of you – Having fun

trash the dress in Dubai

These days, pulling out your phone for a quick selfie is a given, especially when you’re off for a fun night out. But hey, when was the last time you both got a relaxed photo, just being you?

Heading out to the Dubai desert, or the beach, maybe with the Burj Al Arab as your backdrop with a professional photographer for an engagement or anniversary session would be a great way to change that. Nothing over-the-top, just the two of you being your awesome selves.

A chance to spend some quality time together and score some seriously stunning shots to reminisce over the years. It’s like a mini date that leaves you with a bunch of memories frozen in time. Plus, if you do this before your wedding, it’s like a bonus round! You snag a bunch of amazing photos (maybe even to flaunt on the big day), and we get to break the ice and have a blast together. Trust me, no forced smiles or ‘cheese’ momentsโ€”just you being you, and that’s pure gold for your wedding album!

Some Pre-Wedding Favourites

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