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A beautiful baby shower for beautiful girls

So this baby shower was a much more special than any other baby shower I have photographed. This baby shower I was a guest, my first ever baby shower as a guest in fact, this baby shower was for one of my closest and longest friends, we have been friends for over 20 years, and this baby shower I helped to organise. I will not name this amazing and BEAUTIFUL young lady just yet because I am not 100% sure whether she wants everyone to know what she is having, apart from close friends and family of course, who do already know πŸ™‚

This awesome lady will brighten up anyone’s day, full of positivity and ALWAYS putting others before herself I feel proud to call her one of my best friends. I am currently on my annual vacation in the U.K where memories are pouring back to me and I am trying to recreate many of these for my own children. Being brought up in the countryside I have many memories from my younger years and many are with this lovely lady, from rolling the pumped up inner tubes of a tractor tyre through fields to swim in the river, quad biking the tracks through fields to building dens in the woods, finding fossils in the stones and making the sweetest and sickliest fudge ever and running through the corn fields playing hide and seek! We had such an wicked childhood! I hope our memories live on through our children and even though your little princess will be a lot younger than mine are, we will still always remain a huge part of your family life and memories to come (you’ll never get rid of me lady haha)

Here are a few set up shots I would like to share πŸ™‚

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